NitraPlus Nitrile Exam Gloves is a thinner, lighter nitrile economical exam glove that provides increased tactile sensitivity and provides outstanding barrier protection from bacteria, viruses, and chemicals during procedures where the risk of fluid exposure is moderate to high.

Characteristics and Overview:

  • Finger-tip textured enables grip even when wet.
  • Standard color-coded sizing to identify different sizes.
  • Offer excellent sensitivity for touch perception and dependable protection.
  • Meets both ASTM D6978-05 and USP 800 Personal Protection Equipment requirements for the use of chemotherapy gloves when handling hazardous drugs*

Quality Standards

Manufactured in accordance with Quality System ISO 9001.
Exceeds and meets current ASTM Standards: – D6319, D5151, D1671 & D6978.

This product is made from Synthetic Nitrile Polymer and contains no natural latex rubber. * When used in accordance to the guidelines set forth in the USP 800 chapter.
Tested chemotherapy drugs are available upon request.